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GCM is a Christian organisation involved in Christian Ministry and other community activities, which enhance the social, economic and spiritual welfare of our members and the community. The ministry serves as a mission centre to the multitudes in London borough of Barking and Dagenham and neighbouring borough of Newham. We are a multiracial church, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of London city.

At GCM we believe that everyone has greatness in them and God’s purpose, this is true by our slogan, ‘Everyone is Somebody and Great’. Our aim is to reach out to our community with the love of God irrespective of colour, creed, background, social or educational eminence. To disciple those who are reached; love and care for them and in return make them ‘fishers of men’ also to identify the greatness in them which could impact their environment.

Our mission is to reach out to all people within our community and beyond with the love of Christ Jesus. To teach our members the ONLY TRUE undiluted WORD of sovereign God and to follow the examples of our Lord Jesus Christ to a successful living. To grow together in unity as a family, caring about one another and ensuring every member of our group attains at least minimum standard of living by applying the Word of God.

It’s our mission to organise Gospel crusades, conventions, seminars and workshops and carry out projects to meet community needs. GCM maintains a multi-level gospel preaching throughout the Globe.

GCM aims to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged, abandoned and the hurting. We work closely with other charitable organisations and Local Authorities to meet the needs of members of the community. It’s our aim to reach the hard to reach persons in our community and add value to them by identifying God’s greatness in them and transforming their lives through teachings and training of transferrable skills.

We have a mission to empower and change the lives of young people of this generation to make them leaders of tomorrow, through different workshops and project aimed at enhancing, empowering, uplifting and capacity building.

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